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About Us

About Us

About us:

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Ultimate Computer Systems is an information technology company dedicated to providing innovative and effective computer technology solutions to individuals and small - to medium-sized businesses.

Our Philosophy:

At Ultimate Computer Systems, we believe that service is everything. No matter if it is one component, or an entire network, the product will only be as good as the service that comes with it. Our objective is to ensure the highest quality of service to every customer who purchases a computer system, a network or any other equipment or technology solution, from Ultimate Computer Systems

We assist our clients at all phases of development, including: evaluating current systems, identifying business needs, designing and implementing a tailored information technology solution. We help individuals and businesses utilize the capabilities of the technology they currently have as well as, making technology decisions today, that will support where they want to be tomorrow.

Our History:

Ultimate Computer Systems was incorporated in 1997 as a service-oriented, computer service and sales company. Initially, our primary objective was to provide custom-built computer systems to small and medium-sized companies in the
San Francisco Bay area. Since then, our expertise has grown and we have branched out into the areas of computer networking, customized programming, digital imaging systems and CAD workstations.


We have expanded our services to include two new divisions – Ultimate Network Systems – dedicated exclusively to the design and installation of customized networking systems and Ultimate Technology Solutions– our consulting division which recommends and provides solutions using all of technology’s tools - to meet challenges, resolve issues and create opportunities for our customers. Drawing on our well established, quality line of hardware, these two divisions focus on their areas of expertise while at the same time working in tandem with each other when the customer need requires.


Today, we provide the same services, and more, to a wider market which includes Vacaville to the North, Carmel Valley to the South and Stockton to the East.

Our Employees:

Our growth and expansion, and the reputation we have developed for innovative solutions, superior service,  and quality products,  would not have been possible without the hard-work and dedication of our talented team of employees.  At Ultimate Computer Systems we maintain a staff of well-trained, highly-motivated consultants and technical engineers to assist our customers with any project.




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